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How to select the right Graphic Designer/Agency??

Hello, this is Aarya & if you're here I'm sure you're frustrated & confused on your quest to finding the perfect graphic designer/agency from a huge ocean out there filled with them. I've been there before contacting several graphic designers/agencies, reviewing their previous works, comparing their prices & even after checking everything out finding yourself in the dilemma that what if I didn't like the designs that they will provide me?? If you've ever experienced this confusion or are going through one right now then you've come to the right place, just keep reading...

Whenever you're in a search for that one graphic designer/agency for your company keep the below points in mind & I assure you, that you'll find your one...


  1. Get your mind & money right: The most important thing before starting your quest is making your mind clear on what exactly you want in the design(like what type of logo do you want: symbol or alphabetical, what type of design you want: modern or vintage) because this will help you a lot while selecting the graphic designer/agency. Also, decide how much money you are going to spend to get the designs right. Don't listen to people who say money doesn't matter quality does, it's all BS. Because there are so many genuine designers out there who ask for just the right price for their efforts & not for the things that matter the least. You can also use our prices as a benchmark if you want to, it might help.
  2. Review previous work: Ask for previous designs done by the graphic designer/agency & if possible try to see as many designs as possible even if it's not related to the design work you're looking for because that will give you an idea about the consistency of the designer to create unique & creative designs for every new project across different services. You can see all our designs for any service you want to see just by clicking on that service.
  3. Start Small: Never give huge design orders all at once in the beginning. Start with a small project like a trial run with that you can check whether the designer can create perfect designs that suit your brand image & you can also check the compatibility of the designer/agency with your company. Believe me, on this one it can save you a lot more trouble & regrets down the road than you can imagine & yeah can thank me later:)
  4. Ask for revisions & refund policy: I know you might think that what revisions(text/color/font changes) policy has to do with finding the perfect graphic designer/agency but this might be a huge bump down the road while executing your design project when the designer ask for an extra charge for each new revision. Try to select the designer/agency that provides unlimited revisions because this can provide you the personalized design that you & your company deserve. Also, give preference to designers/agencies who provides a full refund guarantee if you don't like the designs because this tells about the confidence they have in the quality of work they provide.
  5. Learn more about the designer's experience: I know that experience isn't the only factor in providing you unique & creative designs but if the designer is experienced he knows how to use your like & dislike & turn it into a design that fits your company perfectly because they have done it before and they can do it for you too.


I hope this article was useful in your quest of finding the one graphic designer/agency & we genuinely hope that you find your one... But if you don't want to go through this process you can give us a try as we provide all the things you might be looking for in a designer/agency:

  • Professional Graphic Designers
  • 5 Days Full Refund Guarantee
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • ZAP Design Process (Feedback based design system)
  • Lifetime File Access
  • Original High-Quality Files
  • 6 Month Revision service
  • Exclusive Web Page Design Presentation
  • Friendly Customer Service 
  • And Many More Surprises

Thank you again for reading this article. Let us know if you have any questions related to graphic design/marketing or about graphic design services we offer in comment section below & click the button below if you're excited to buy our graphic design services...

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